”Strömkarlen” - "the evil spirit of the water"

a painting at the art museum, Waldemarsudde in Stockholm, was created by Ernst Josephson in 1884 at Eggedal, a village in Norway. In my program I feature a story, told by Ernst Josephson, explaining how he came up with the idea to this painting. In the adjacent picture I am sitting on the same stone as Ernst Josephsons model.

In the show I am playing the "hardingfela".             Duration: 45 minutes




The mountain tour depict a walk to Besso, a tourist cabbin in the middle of "Hardangervidda" in Norway. In the program I show pictures of the wildernes on this mountain plateau and I play the "hardingfela" at the same time the pictures are shown.




The pictures are from an exibition at Prestfoss, Telemark, Norway  in 2008. The pictures show a lot of beautiful hardingfelor,wonderful hardingfelor cases and some informations about the makers.    

In all 48 pictures from the hardingfele- contry. 

During the program I play typical hardingfele "slåttar".                                                                                                                                                                 



The lighthouse is located in Sunnmöre on the western part of Norway. The wild flowers adjacent to the lighthouse have very bright colors. In the area occur also bird nests on the steep, rockery mountainsides.

Birds like Atlantic Puffin (Lunnefågel) and Sula bassana (Havssulor) and others occur in thousands.

During the show of pictures I play my hardingfela.

Duration: 45 minutes.




"The hotel"

The name of this hotel is "Dalen" and it is located in Telemark, Norway. It is an old wodden building very carefully overhauled. A very beautiful building.

Hera have many kings and other honored guests stayed over night.

Both interior and exterior pictures are shown while I play the hardingfela.

Duration: 30 minutes



"The Norwegian coast",

is a collection of coastal pictures taken during a journey with Hurtigruta from the northern part of Norway to about Trondheim, a famous tourist cruise. The pictures were taken during a September cuise with very beautifull weather.

The show contain pictures covering four 30-minutes shows.

During the show I play the Hardingfela.


"The rhododendron Graden"

is a colletion of pictures in a rhododendron garden from early flowering to the last one during a year. When known the rhododendrons are named and during the program I play the hardingfela.

Duration: 30 minutes

Rhododendron talks are about "Rhododendron as a hobby" and "Azaleas and azaleas historical background"

Duration: 45 minutes