”Grieg inspirations”

are the "Griegslåttarna". In the year 1889 the fiddler, Knut Johannesen Dahle (1834 - 1921), from Tinn i Telemark, Norge, wrote to the composer, Edvard Grieg, to ask him to write down norwegian folktunes. However, Edvard Grieg, let Knut Dahle play for Johan Halvorsen who then sent the sheet music to Edvard Grieg. The result was 17 tunes, "slåttar". Edvard Grieg then used them as an inspiration to the klassic compositions he made.

The performans of the consert                                                             First I play a "slått", then the piano player plays the Grieg composition based on the played "slått". During a consert, seven "slåttar" cover a one hour consert.





"Grieg meets fiddlers".

Beginning with Edvard Grieg ( 1843 - 1907) a new era in creating norwegian art of music begins based on norwegian folkmusic. Edvard Grieg often visited fiddlers and singers in order to catch their music and write it down as sheet music, with "hardingfela - music" as a speciality. Edvard Grieg wanted to include the special sound and dance rytm in this kind of music and he used this material in his compositions.

In my programs, "Grieg meets fiddlers", I tell something about typical fiddlers Grieg met such as Ola Mosafinn, Sjur Helgeland. In my programs I play the "hardingfela" from their repertoire.                       Duration: 45 minutes