About myself



Inspired by a post card

The picture showed a man with a beautiful "Hardingfela".                                It made me curious! After many visits to Norway, collection of  LP-records, cassettes, CD-records, sheet music, books etc. and investment in the instrument, "Hardingfela", I have played for many years.

My most popular programs I have performed with are "Grieg inspirations - Griegslåttarna", "Evil spirit - Strömkarlen" and "Mountain tour".

The "Hardingfela". This instrument is a violin with five drone strings added. It gives the instrument a special sound and can be tuned in different ways.






About myself

Since I joined The Swedish Rhododendron Society in 1974, I have been enthusiastic to the rhododendrons as garden plants.

I enjoy holding talks about rhododendron and azaleas and I have named my programs "Rhododendron as a hobby" and "Azaleas and their historical background".


I bring my own computer with my pictures, projector etc. for my shows.